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About Killeen Martial Arts Programs By Martial Zen

Hello Future Black-Belt,
My name is Master Kevin Clark and I am the very proud owner of “Martial Zen” which runs Martial Arts classes for adults and children here in Killeen.

We have taught 1000’s students here in Killeen over the last decade with countless success stories but the only way to experience how powerful Martial Arts training can be for you is to experience it first hand.

So thats why we created the “SMART START” program a way for you and your family to try out our program at NO RISK to you . All you have to do is click on the “Claim Your FREE 7 Day Trial” button and we will contact you to arrange your first class with us – its just that simple!

Again thank you for taking the time to visit my site and anything I can do to help please fee free to call me on: 254 432 5387

Looking forward to seeing you in class, with pride and respect

Master Kevin Clark.


254 432 5387

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Want To Speak To Someone Direct? Have Some More Questions?
Just Call Us: 254 432 5387

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Much Will It Cost After My Trial?

A: We have one of the most competitive pricing in the Killeen area. Classes start from as little as $10 a session it all depends upon which program is right for you.

Q: How Many Students Are In Each Class?

A: Classes sizes do vary depending on what day and time but an average size is between 10-15 students

Q: Can I Bring A Friend With Me?

A: YES you can. Most of our students feel a lot more comfortable when they bring a friend, just let our team know who you are going to bring so we can expect them on your fist class.

Q: How many classes a week do I need to attend?

A: Most of our students train between 1-3 times a week. We run over 20 classes a week so you should be able to easily fit in your training around your schedule

Q: Do I Have To Be Fit To Start?

A: Absolutely NOT! – The reason why most people start in our Martial Arts programs is to get fit, our beginners classes are exactly that – BEGINNERS classes!

Q: What Do I Wear To My First Class?

A: You should wear something comfortable something that allows you move freely. T-shirt and workout pants will be fine.

Q: Am I too old / young?

A: We currently have students training from the aged of 5 to 65! We also have a range of different programs which can suit your needs, all this will be explained at your first class with us.

Q: How long will the classes be?

A: On you very first beginner class with us you will have a private session (with you and your friend) this will take around 30-45 minutes at this time we will over all the class times and schedules.

Want To Speak To Someone Direct? Have Some More Questions?
Just Call Us: 254 432 5387

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